Mumbai: Why It Has Became The Content Creators Abode?

Lately, many of the content creators are moving to Mumbai. Is this something to be concerned or Mumbai is opening its gates for another industry?

Mumbai has been called the city of dreams for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is Bollywood. Over the years the city has become the business hub as well accommodating multiple head offices of several companies of India. 

Lately, in the last 8-10 years social media has propagated like a boom and it has given an industry and career for content creators. There are different types of content published every day on all social media platforms and trillions of people are watching them. 

Content creation has become a good source of income if you can pull your target audience. There are sponsorships, ad revenues and multiple sources of income available for content creators.


Content creators of India

India being a diverse country has a bundle of diverse content creators from different parts of it. It is remote work where you only need an internet connection, a basic camera or your mobile camera and some editing skills. That’s all it takes to begin a content creation journey. Which eventually has helped many people grow in this field. 

The connection between content creation and Mumbai

It has become a common factor lately to shift in Mumbai for content creators. Especially creators who post acting skits and beauty content creators. Creators like Aashna Hedge, Shalini Mandal, and Kusha Kapila have moved here from their city. Why is this shift happening?

Many of you might have had this question in your mind for quite some time. Well, people usually move from one city to another either due to work or marital status. In this case, work has become the reason.


Mumbai and content creation

Mumbai offers more work options in almost every field of career, which has gradually shown its effect on the content creation industry as well. We have found some of the major reasons for this shift, let’s take a look at those, if you think of some other reasons then comment down below.


In the world of content creation you will get invites to more events and create a network with your industry people as well as brands host these events. There are different types of events such as award shows, promotional events, festivals and some celebrations. Since the majority of the brands have their head offices in Mumbai host these events that creates an opportunity to network with other brands and creators as well. If a creator is living in Mumbai then they are more likely to be invited. Staying in Mumbai adds the creators to such lists of events or campaigns where the creator has to present in Mumbai. From the brand’s perspective, it is also cost-effective to work with content creators who are staying in the city where they are hosting the event. It is a win-win situation for the creator and the brands. 

Creator Collabs

There are plenty of content creators all over India but only a few get collaboration options. We often see content creators from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata collaborating. This is because the number of creators is higher in these cities. Creators living in other cities have fewer options for creators to collaborate. This is why creators from other cities tend to move primarily to Mumbai. It has always been the economic capital of India which eventually showed its effect on the content creation industry as well. The more creators are in your city the more collabs you can manage to do. Yes, of course, you can do digital collabs but in-person collabs are more comfortable for many creators.

Brand Collaborations

Brand collaborations are done in multiple ways. The primary method is product promotion by sending the product over to the creator. Sometimes brands prefer the creator to be on a spot for a pop-up or an experience which is only possible if the creator is in the city. Brands offer a staycation at a resort or hotel only if the creator is living in that city. Staying in cities like Mumbai elevates the chances to get more brand collaborations in today’s world. About 10 years back content creation industry was not that glorified but now brands have understood the importance and so are the creators. 


Change in Lifestyle

Mumbai being the Financial and Commercial capital of India offers a well-versed lifestyle, which is not available in many cities in India. The majority of the industry has a hub in Mumbai and offers a wide variety of living life. It is also considered one of the safest cities in India for women. Late-night work, and working alone is not an issue in Mumbai. The city never sleeps and you will always feel safe being out. If your work requires late-night shoot, Mumbai will never disappoint. It has given independence to many of the content creators who wanted to craft their own lives on their terms. We have seen multiple people who are moving to Mumbai either for work opportunities or to begin a new life.

The Vibe of Mumbai

The most busy city in India, Mumbai has a lot to offer. You can find peace among all the hustle and bustle of the city by the Sea Shore, Sit at the marine drive and enjoy sunset. The city never gets cold but always has a cold breeze due to the Arabian Sea. If you are religious, it has plenty of religious places for every religion. It has a great culture of amazing bakeries. Though if you are a foodie and love street food then the options are a bit less than cities like Delhi and Kolkata but still you will love the famous Vada Pao, chaats and bhel. A city that never disappoints and also makes you feel at home. 

Previously people who had a dream to work in Bollywood wanted to move to Mumbai but now the city caters to so many industries that content creators find great work opportunities by living here. It is indeed the city of dreams that allows dreams to come true with hard work and time. 

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